Starting the Bulletproof ® Diet and Bullet Proof ® Coffee w/ Intermittent Fasting


So I decided to make “going bulletproof®” my new years resolution for 2013. I have been researching the bulletproof diet for several months and even though it contradicted some of beliefs about nutrition, there was plenty of evidence that it was a viable solution for improving my health in many areas. I love the term “bio-hacker”, I have always been a biohacker I just didn’t use that word. If you have ever tried to improve yourself through the easiest means possible then you are a biohacker too. There are some very interesting and exciting tools to hack yourself and upgrade your mind, body, and soul being discussed and suggested in the bulletproof ® community and the paleo community as well. I will be writing future posts about some of the hacks I have been working on for my IQ, my sleep, my muscles, and other areas of my life.

On January 3rd, 2013, we had a party at my house to watch my Oregon Ducks play Kansas State in the fiesta bowl. This meant the usual assortment of football fare including beer, pizza, chips and dip, cheeses, cupcakes, etc. So instead of starting my bulletproof diet on January 1st, I decided to delay it until the 4th. I wanted to “enjoy” my last chance to eat the foods I thought that I would miss. Upon reflection, I don’t think I will miss feeling bloated, slow, and tired. That night before I went to bed, I took my measurements to track my progress for the bulletproof diet. For reference, I am a 29 year old male and I am 5′ 9″. Those measurements are as follows:

  • Weight: 177lbs
  • Stomach: 37″
  • Waist: 34″
  • Flexed Arm: 13.75″
  • Chest 39.5″
  • Thigh: 21.5″

I will be revisiting these measurements down the road, and comparing them to my 6 week results on the bullet proof diet.

I started out the bulletproof diet by going to a local butcher that sells meat from locally grown, organic, sustainable farms with grass-fed beef and lamb options. I live in Eugene, Oregon so there are plenty of good local products on the bulletproof ® diet plan. For $134, I got 10 lbs. of ground beef (grass-fed), 5 lbs. of pastured bacon, 4 lbs. of ground lamb (grass-fed), a 6 lbs. leg of lamb (grass-fed), and 10 lbs. of bone-in chicken breast. That’s an average of $3.82 per pound. Some of these cuts of meat cost over $15 per pound at my local grocery store, and that’s not even for grass fed meat. I also went to costco to get some of the organic vegetables on the “green side” of the bulletproof diet quick reference guide. Costco doesn’t have all the veggies I needed or doesn’t have them organic, so others I bought at a local grocery store. Here is the quick reference guide for the bulletproof diet:


For more information please visit or purchase Upgraded Chef: 12 Core Recipes to Supercharge Your Body & Brain

The idea is to stay in the “green side” as much as you can. It’s important to know why you are doing this and to set reasonable goals for yourself. If you cause more stress for yourself by trying to be “perfect” you will get burnt out and the whole goal of this diet should be to reduce stress and inflammation in your body, not increase it! That being said, if you want to give yourself the best shot at success, take it seriously and do the best you possibly can within reason. For me, I found that planning out my meals for the week was the best way to do this. When I didn’t have a plan, I got frustrated when dinner came around and I wasn’t prepared. One of the easiest ways to stay bulletproof ® is to use the crockpot. With a little bit of planning, you can have everything you need for dinner prepped and ready to go the night before. That way when you wake up and get ready to go to work or school, you just throw all of your ingredients in the crock pot and flip the switch. I found some great paleo recipes that I only had to make slight modifications to in order to make them bulletproof® at

Your first day on the diet can be made very easy by starting with a breakfast of eggs, bacon, and avocado. Nobody can say that such a breakfast is bland diet food! After a couple days of getting used to the idea of the bulletproof diet, I started doing the intermittent fasting. This consists of having bulletproof® coffee for breakfast, and waiting until 2 p.m. to eat lunch. You then eat basically as much as you want from the green side until 8 p.m. and don’t eat anything else for the rest of the night. I admit, this was HARD for me at first. I got hungry at night because I was used to eating late and it was usually sugary and full of carbs. But after a couple of days, my body adjusted and I have not had any cravings after my last meal. Now that I am used to this routine, I feel AMAZING doing this protocol. Sometimes I do get hungry around noon or 1 p.m. but if you are feeling famished at this point in the day you might not have eaten enough for dinner the night before. If this happens, then just eat something! Remember, you don’t have to be perfect.

So, does it work? Just 5 days after starting the bulletproof® diet, I lost 10 lbs! Now most of this was probably “water weight” but that is a pretty quick amount of time to flush my system. My goal on this diet is to burn the fat around my stomach, detox my body, feel better, sleep better, and improve my IQ and patience (this last one is very important to me!). I think my ideal weight is somewhere around 165, but I really just want to be cut and healthy (and the all elusive six pack would be nice). Now that I have been on the diet for 3 weeks, I have gotten into a groove. The longer I do it, the easier it gets. I have been cooking all of my meals at home, so I have actually been saving money. I calculated my daily food costs to about $20. I used to spend that on one meal quite often, especially when I would buy a drink and split an appetizer. So anybody that says it’s too expensive to eat grass fed meat and organic veggies either isn’t doing the math right, or was living on less than $20 per day before. I understand that some people can’t afford to spend $600 a month on meals, but if that’s the case I wonder what other bills they might consider cutting out to improve their health. When you start to add in some of the recommended supplements that are on the Upgraded™ Self website, you will probably spend more than $600 per month, but this is something that we all need to consider a part of our health care expenses, not just “food costs”. And even if you don’t do the full bulletproof diet, there are many great products from Upgraded™ Self that are worth trying, especially the glutathione supplement and whey protein.

I hope that sharing my experience has given you some insight into what it is like to start the bulletproof diet from scratch. I have never done a gluten free diet before but I have done raw vegan, vegetarian, and other variations of healthy lifestyles with various positive results. I never did achieve that six pack though… Check back soon to see if I can do it by living “bullet-proof ®”


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5 responses to “Starting the Bulletproof ® Diet and Bullet Proof ® Coffee w/ Intermittent Fasting”

  1. Lisa Schroeder says :

    excellent. I will be following this.
    As a woman, paleo and if have not done a thing for me, except make me extremely cranky and starving. Can’t lose a pound doing it. Just started bulletproof coffee yesterday, woke up to a 2 lb. loss this a.m. I think IF can work for men, but my hormonal profile seems to do way better on fat fasting.

  2. adventures in the uncommon says :

    I am jealous of your ability to get good meats at that price! Very hard to find cheap up in Canada but we get by with ground beef at 5.50/lb…not too bad. I think you should post some of your tweaked recipes, cause I need some new ones! Glad others are blogging about this amazing lifestyle.

  3. bobbi petersen says :

    Really enjoyed the coffee and found I was likeing the collagen with it and ghee but all this was very costly so sent my last order back of 5 lbs they owed me for two backorderd collagens and we have had at least 75 e-mails and I gave them all l the proof and they are making this very hard .Say they have no phone contact cant get intouch with dave any ideas

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