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My Bulletproof ® Coffee Recipes (Regular, Vanilla, Mocha!)

upgraded_coffee_kit_bulletproof_bullet proof

Upgraded Coffee

I have tried many different variations of Bulletproof ® coffee recipes, and I wanted to share my best ones! Bulletproof ® Coffee was created by Dave Asprey and his original recipe can be found on his blog Bulletproof ® Coffee is one of the easiest and best ways to start the day. When you put good fats like grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and/or coconut oil into your coffee, you give your brain the fuel it needs to function properly for the day. I used to think that eating a bowl of gluten (ie oatmeal, cereal, etc) was a good, healthy breakfast. Now I know better, and I realize that intermittent fasting is a great tool for creating ketones in my body (ketosis or a ketogenic state), which is optimal for health and fat loss. Not only is bulletproof coffee a great tool for intermittent fasting, it is amazing for boosting cognitive function and awareness. I now get most of my work done during my bulletproof ® coffee-induced mornings/afternoons.

Today I am writing about my three different ways of preparing Bulletproof ® Coffee. Regular just omits the vanilla or chocolate. It’s nice to switch it up sometimes, or at least have a recipe to share with somebody who likes sweetened coffee drinks even if you don’t. To that end, I hope you enjoy these recipes!

My go-to recipe for Bulletproof ® Coffee (Vanilla):

Yield: 30 ounces

Time (including prep): 15 minutes


Upgraded Vanilla

I like to make about 30 ounces and have half of it at 7:30 a.m. and the other half around 10:30 a.m. I find that by doing this, my appetite is suppressed until after 2:00 p.m. Studies have shown that working out in a fasted state has many benefits. I like to go workout at 1:00, and then have my first meal directly after my workout. But I digress…

Bulletproof Coffee Review 2Bulletproof Coffee Review 3

I have a special trick for adding the vanilla. The upgraded ™ vanilla is ground up vanilla, so it isn’t a liquid. When I added it to the coffee with the butter and oil, it kinda caught in my throat as I drank the coffee. I was laying in bed one night musing and the solution become evident, add the vanilla to the ground coffee! So I did this, and low and behold, the flavor was there but the sticky throat problem was gone. How much upgraded ™ coffee beans should you use? I use about 3 tbsp of beans to make roughly 30 ounces, I grind the beans fresh every morning and now I am using a cone filter device since my french press broke last week. I just ordered a Hario VDC-02W Dripper V60 Size 02 White Ceramic Funnel because the one I currently have is plastic and ceramic is much better (BPA free). So you mixed the vanilla in with your ground beans, you made your coffee, and now it’s time to blend!

I use a Ninja NJ600 Pro Blender for my bullet proof ® coffee. Word to the wise: if you are blending hot liquids, DO NOT leave the top on for very long or it will melt. It’s a great blender for the price point of $100 and this is the only flaw I have noticed. The rubber suction ribs on the blender top will melt if you leave the top on for a while with hot liquids (even hot soapy water so if you want to let it to soak, take off the top!).

Bulletproof Coffee Review Recipe Bullet Proof Upgraded MCT oil Grass-fed Butter Xylitol Coconut Oil 4Bulletproof Coffee Review 5

Add the rest of your ingredients to the coffee in your blender. You want to blend it for at least a minute or two on medium or high to get a nice foamy consistency. You will have to experiment with the amount of sweetness you want, I have done it with no sweetener, some, too much, and in the end it just comes down to personal preference.

Upgraded Chocolate Powder

For the “Mocha”, it is a very simple tweak. I use everything included in the recipe above (including the vanilla in the ground coffee beans) but I add bulletproof ® upgraded ™ chocolate powder and upgraded cacao butter. You will also need to add more sweetener, in fact add more than you think because the chocolate has no sweetness to it and it will imbalance the sweetener you already added.

Additional Measurements for making the Mocha:

Just add these ingredients to the blender at the same time as all the other ingredients, and blend as normal. That’s it! Dialing in the amount of sweeteners and chocolate might take a couple tries. I usually eyeball everything, so I tried to measure everything out to make this post for you guys. Once you make this 5 or 6 times a week like I do, it will become second nature. It takes me about 15 minute total because I start by filling the pot and turning on the stove. While the water is heating up, I grind the beans, put the filter in, add the vanilla to the beans, get out the blender, add the ingredients to the blender, and get my mug ready. But the time the water is ready I have everything in place. It probably only takes me 10 min on most days.

Bulletproof Coffee Review 6

Bonus tips and final thoughts:

If you are serious about going bulletproof, I highly recommend you purchase the Bulletproof Total Upgrade™ Kit because you will save over 25% on the high quality products that Dave Asprey has spent years getting to market.

Some people have asked “what’s the best way to store bulletproof ® upgraded coffee?” The bags that the upgraded ™ coffee comes in have a one way valve that seals in the freshness of the beans. It is ok to freeze them but they should be COMPLETELY thawed out before you use them. The best thing you can do is leave them in the original bag, and after it opened fold down the top until you reach the valve, using a clip to keep it in place. Store them in a dark and cool place (cupboard).

Word of caution regarding MCT oil: MCT oil has one side effect for those not used to it yet, and that is it can loosen your bowels. This can be avoided by slowly adding MCT oil into your diet (1/4 tsp a couple times a day at first) until you become accustomed to it. MCT oil is so amazing for your health though! Here are a couple references to back that statement up:


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